Who are GroundTruth?

We fix problems for people

GroundTruth specialise in training teams and individuals for high-level performance in dynamic, fragile, hostile or crisis environments worldwide. We deliver consultancy initiatives and training​ programmes all over the world, both to and for people with diverse backgrounds, experience and cultures and in the most challenging environments. Our track record in preparing organisations and individuals speaks for itself, with the successful inception and delivery of hundreds of complex projects around the globe.

Clients include international organisations, businesses, academic faculties, government departments and diverse project teams worldwide, all of whom are deeply committed to the care, security and development of their employees.

We are people that make organisations better through more effective implementation of business and project outcomes. We can do this by supporting, not only in training and developing your people, but by directly supporting projects and programmes on the ground with direct expertise.

A commitment to people underpins all of our work. 

Our Values

  • Professional integrity – honesty with you, honesty with ourselves
  • Passion – for what we do and who you are
  • Reliability – we strive to deliver quality products on time
  • Quality – effective execution, smarter solutions, professionally delivered
  • Focus – identifying the key areas of influence in your work, with a determined follow-through to make a positive impact
  • Walking the talk – only delivering expertise gained through first-hand experience of the truth on the ground.

We know what works – because we’ve been there

At our core is a team of expert consultants and practitioner-trainers who have unparalleled real-life experience of past and current events around the globe. They work in business transformation, programme-enabling, counter-terrorism and have managed community crises such as Ebola in Sierra Leone. They also provide security consultancy in conflict-affected countries such as Sudan and Nigeria.

We offer a wealth of global experience drawn from crisis management, humanitarian, international development, business and accelerated learning, military, emergency services, security and  medical backgrounds. All our personnel are highly qualified in their fields and bring deep knowledge, hard-won experience and training expertise to our clients.

Our operational consultancy and training is directly relevant to events on the ground, whether programme enabling, leadership, first aid, crisis, safety, team development or anything in-between. We understand your challenges, we know what works and how to adapt in dynamically changing scenarios. GroundTruth solutions are adaptive, real, flexible and relevant. They are matched exactly to your unique needs – and they work.

For all projects, our commitment to managing risk, delivering predictable costs and managing resources is also second to none.

Our qualifications include:

  • Award in Education Level 3 or PTLLS Qualifications
  • Qualified Critical Incident Stress Management Practitioners 
  • Qualified Executive Coaches 
  • Qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioners (NLP)
  • Qualified Psychometric Practitioners
  • Qualified First Aid Experts

  • Qualified Fire Awareness Experts 
  • Qualified Surveillance Experts 
  • Qualified Mine Awareness Experts 
  • Qualified Close Protection Experts
  • Qualified Pyrotechnic Specialists

We fix problems for people