There’s a world of difference between knowing what to do when you have time on your hands and actually doing it in the heat of the moment

For organisations operating in fast-moving, dynamic contexts, managing operational and project risk is paramount in enhancing performance – whether ensuring the safety of your people, managing your reputation, resolving conflicts or maximising opportunities. 

Building preparedness, improving communication and developing knowledge are key factors in creating the resilience that enables teams and individuals to perform effectively under a variety of stressors and high-pressure environments. This resilience is critical to the success of any business operation or project implementation.  

How can GroundTruth Consulting help your business or organisation meet and exceed your objectives and desired outcomes? 

With decades of experience in preparing teams and individuals to work in dynamic, fragile or hostile environments, we consult and train on all aspects of crisis and risk management, project implementation, duty of care, resilience, leadership and team development. Clients include international organisations, businesses, academic faculties, government departments and diverse project teams worldwide, all of whom are deeply committed to the care, security and development of their employees.

Dedicated to working with people to optimise their choices, awareness and decision-making, we prepare teams and individuals for high-level performance in the most challenging environments, wherever they may be. In this, we are recognised as the Gold Standard.  

Our philosophy is simple: whatever your business environment, Balance Risk with Resilience 

Experiential in nature, our technical skills training in Risk, Security, Crisis and First Aid focuses on ‘learning by doing’, preparing teams for whichever dynamic, fragile or hostile environment they might find themselves in.

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Our skilled, knowledgeable and experienced team members have practical insights from the ground and an extensive regional network that ensure our consultancy is relevant to our partners’ operations in today’s uncertain, complex world.

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Extensive organisational experience plus international and cultural insight equips us to work with you to manage and accept risk, deal with the demands of constant transformation and enable individuals and organisations to adapt and change.

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“GroundTruth Consulting is a pioneering training and operational consultancy firm dedicated to delivering educated resilience and survival strategies for dynamic environments”