Our Consultancy Services

Security, Safety, Risk & Crisis Response

Security, safety, risk management, and crisis response lie at the core of GroundTruth’s operations. We have a sound track record of providing dedicated safety and security advice to contractors and government teams deploying to fragile environments.

Our lead personnel are required to use their specialist expertise regularly and actively through deployment to different regions. Over the last ten years they have deployed to most of the world’s crisis areas and most recently have taken their expertise to the Syria/Turkey border, Somalia, Ukraine, Jordan, Ethiopia, Beirut, Lebanon and Sierra Leone. They bring practical experience and current knowledge of these fragile environments to GroundTruth’s consultancy arm. The result is an expert team able to offer your organisation the following fundamental services:

  • Security risk assessment and analysis;
  • Design of standard operating procedures;
  • Security Planning;
  • Institution of risk mitigation measures;
  • Provision of security backstopping support.

We are able to consult on all of the above individually or in combination and are happy to discuss any other requirements you may have that are not covered here.

Operational Consultancy

GroundTruth offers organisations support on the ground through the provision of experienced personnel with direct operational knowledge and expertise. Our personnel will deploy to work alongside your organisation, giving practical support to your people and programme – giving your team peace of mind and allowing you to do your job. They are available 365 days of the year and are able to deploy within 12 hours. We can provide end-to-end support for your deployment including:

  • Expeditionary Logistics Support
  • Medical & Team Welfare Support
  • Hibernation and Evacuation Planning
  • Comprehensive Team Over watch with on-site provision of guidance & training throughout your deployment