We provide crisis management training world wide using our groundbreaking mock deployment scenarios

Crisis Management Training

Planning and practising their response to major incidents can make a huge difference to how organisations cope in times of crisis. Our crisis management training enables this planning and practice in realistic but safe scenarios and simulations, the course is designed to ‘pressure test’ the participants and your systems.

We currently provide this service to several national governments. We have run programmes in the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Nicaragua and Malaysia. We have also designed and delivered bespoke crisis response team training in Bangladesh, India, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, establishing core competencies and common understanding across gold, silver and bronze mechanisms.

Participants are introduced to three primary toolsets to help them better understand themselves and their team in crisis situations

  • Decision Making Models
  • Crisis Management Tool Box ©
  • Team Development Models in Crisis situations

Our training will mentor your people through the relevant roles and responsibilities, covering issues such as establishing a crisis management room, communication structures, internal and external coordination, information management processes, dealing with distressed families and individuals and liaison with external stakeholders.

We develop and design realistic scenarios and simulations that are relevant to your organisations operations and needs. Which will test not just your people, but also the processes and systems themselves. Courses can be run from half a day to several days and can involve multiple sites distributed across time zones to ensure that your people and plans receive as realistic and logical training as possible, ultimately ensuring that your organisation and people  are as well prepared as they  can be.