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Maximising value for money for clients is a constant aim at GroundTruth, and requires both innovation and vigilance. GroundTruth’s commitment to ensure value for money has enabled a gold standard of training to be provided with predictable costs.

At the same time, the quality and resources devoted to GroundTruth training will not be reduced in an area where we believe that nothing less than the gold standard of training is really excusable provided that value for money is maximized. In a broader organisational sense, examples of the ways in which GroundTruth maximises VFM include:

Value for Money
  • A tight-knit team of multi-skilled and experienced/accredited staff members able and qualified to cover areas ranging from pyrotechnics and handling firearms to food preparation and driver training. This keeps staff numbers (and staff costs) to a minimum while maximising ownership and involvement in every course module.
  • Organisational experience to fine tune resources to exactly what is needed for each course, with no waste or surplus to be paid for. This ranges from the number of personnel required to the training resources being drawn on.
  • The costs of GroundTruth’s stores of highly specialised training equipment, vehicles and some premises are shared across all GroundTruth’s work, allowing a remarkable range of resources to be utilised at low cost.
  • The co-location of resources as diverse as 4×4 driver training area, fully equipped training room, hot food provision and a wide range of physically different scenario locations means that absolutely no time is lost in transporting delegates from one learning-location to another. This provides a very efficient course set-up and maximum use of time every day.
  • GroundTruth’s fleet of vehicles are meticulously maintained by an in-house specialist. This provides considerable cost savings over the commercial garage alternative, reduces any down-time to a minimum, and maximises the safe functional life of every GroundTruth vehicle. This approach represents significant long term VFM and a fleet of vehicles in very good operational condition.
  • In addition to vehicles, GroundTruth’s stocks of training materials – from laptops to costumes, tents, firearms, pyrotechnical equipment, and immediate access to resources such as field buildings and the 4×4 driver training area mean that our in house solutions are second to none.
  • A combination of permanent staff and a highly qualified base of contracted core trainers provides an ideal combination of quality, experience and flexibility. It also enables staff to deploy frequently to hostile and insecure environments without any of the cost being met by GroundTruth’s clients.
Booking Policy
  • We operate a first come first served booking system, we aim for a class size of 10 -15 participants.
  • Organisations may block book course places but these must be confirmed one month before the course.
  • Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to a course will be charged at the full rate, no shows on the day will be charged for; except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Course places are 100% transferable.
  • Courses that are significantly undersubscribed may be cancelled – we will give you at least 7 days advance notice of this.
Course Duration
SAT Tier 1 1 Day
SAFE Tier 2 3 Days
HEAT Tier 3 5 Days
Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) 1 Day (8 Hours)
First Aid at Work (FAW) 2.5 Days (18 Hours)
First Response Emergency Care (FREC Level 3) 4 Days (35 Hours)

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